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Photo by Karen Wegehenkel

In 2014 we launched the first American Horsewoman’s Challenge. It was a competition like no other. Longtime horse men and women shared that they had never before seen an equestrian event such as this. The partnership, willingness and connection between horse and human brought many close to tears.

Competitors were amazed at the spirit of cooperation, support and camaraderie with their peers. Fans were treated to not only the competition, but daily educational workshops conducted by internationally recognized clinicians. And more than 52,000 people followed the Challenge through social media, webcast and in the stands, during the competition weekend.

CD CourtThe Challenge was also embraced by the print, broadcast and online media with scores of stories and interviews.

This first-ever event was successful because of the determination of the competitors and the Challenge staff and volunteers, as well as the support of a few visionary sponsors. But to do it again, WE NEED YOU!

The Challenge is still in a start-up phase and needs immediate funding to sustain the initiative and continue to give horsewomen this incredible opportunity to grow and excel. That is why we have launched a grassroots crowdfunding campaign.

Photo by Karen Wegehenkel

Photo by Karen Wegehenkel

Crowdfunding is a popular Internet-based funding strategy for entrepreneurs and start-up companies to access capital that is not available to them through traditional funding channels. For people like you, who believe in the American Horsewoman’s Challenge and the opportunities it provides, crowdfunding allows you to help keep the dream alive and receive special gift considerations for your support.

You do not need not be a large investor. In fact, most crowdfunding contributors are small investors who believe in a project’s mission. The Horsewoman’s Challenge campaign has contribution levels from $30 to $10,000.

Corporate sponsors, who are tasked with being good stewards of their company’s marketing dollars, are rightfully cautious of young startup events, so we need to prove to potential sponsors the incredible interest in the Challenge and our commitment to its continued growth and success.  The crowdfunding campaign is your way to make a statement and have your voice be heard, loud and clear.

Our goal is to raise $60,000 to help cover competitor prizes, facility rentals, sponsorship marketing, judging fees, staffing and travel. Sponsor revenues will be used for event entertainment, bigger competitor prize packages, and broader media efforts.  But, we cannot make it without you.

Your investment in the Challenge not only supports and honors the women of the horse world, but gives the competitors educational support and career opportunities they do not have otherwise.  This year, two “unknowns” were thrust into the national spotlight by their winning performances and are benefiting from the publicity and recognition. Even those who were not top winners are seeing the benefits their participation has generated for their training and teaching businesses.

Please join us in continuing to provide these opportunities for North America’s horsewomen.
Help keep the dream of the American Horsewoman’s Challenge alive!

Contribute big or small, anything helps and all is appreciated.

 The Challenge Team

Click here to visit the crowdfunding site
Click here for a chart of the contribution gifts

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